Can you make a low-fat banana cake?

I know I'm a little late, but I recorded the entire recipe in an online nutrition calculator and, assuming this works for 10 slices, each serving should have between 175 and 190 calories, depending on the ingredients, the size of the banana, etc. I replaced granulated and brown sugar with zero calories of sugar with Swerve sugar.

Banana cake

is a rich, moist dessert that makes you feel like you're eating something unhealthy when you really couldn't ask for a better treat for after dinner. Banana cake isn't just a classic American dessert, but it comes in many different shapes and sizes and is a much-loved treat around the world (perhaps not with the same cream cheese frosting).

This recipe has all the characteristics of classic banana bread: it's fluffy, moist, has a sweet banana flavor and is much loved by both young children and adults. When it comes to healthy pastries, my favorite recipes are carrot cake, chocolate cake, and this healthy banana cake. The best banana cake is the one shared with a group of friends or family, and this recipe is good enough to give everyone a piece (maybe, if they're really good for you). Also, instead of banana puree, I used a strawberry mix with 26% bananas (I had extra strawberries, so I blended strawberries with 26% bananas together with the water in a blender).

David Leibovitz, an internationally renowned pastry chef and author, wrote a long introduction to his own banana bread recipe, and in it he mentions some very good points on the question of bread against cake. Overripe bananas give the cake a rich flavor, and those in the bunch that are still yellow and firm don't taste as strong when baked.

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