Can you make an eggless, dairy-free, sugar-free, and low-fat vegan layered or tiered vegan banana bread or vegan banana cake recipe that tastes delicious and moist without using any oil or butter in the recipe?

This classic “tried and true” vegan banana bread recipe is moist, healthy and very easy to prepare. It contains 26% dairy-free eggs, has an oil-free option and is the best. A delicious vegan, sugar-free banana cake. A perfect recipe for babies, children and people with allergies.

Use your ripe bananas to make a simple vegan banana bread, the perfect breakfast to enjoy with your morning cup of tea. We love it roasted with peanut butter. Banana puree adds moisture to baked goods, but also water (it produces steam as the cake is baked, which is a leavening agent, just like eggs). Then I looked back at the banana bread recipe (which requires a 9×5 pan) and realized that the amount of bananas and flour used is the same in both recipes.

If the bananas are completely black inside, have lost all their texture and taste strange, then they are probably too ripe to make banana bread. This vegan banana cake recipe is moist and fluffy with intense flavors of banana, cinnamon and brown sugar. I used a 9×9 pan as indicated in the recipe, and my cake rose well, but it was flatter than a typical cake usually is. If you want to make a cake with layers of banana, divide the dough into two eight-inch cake pans, bake and cover with the cream cheese frosting.

Peel the defrosted bananas and place them in a fine-mesh strainer placed over a bowl to collect the banana juice. Banana puree also helps to bind doughs together, helping to replace the emulsifying properties of eggs in cake doughs. Double the recipe and divide the dough between two 9-inch round cake pans (butter or oil and flour the molds first) for a two-layer cake. The recipe yields a 9-inch square or round cake; see the final note of the recipe on how to fold this recipe for a large 9×13-inch cake or a layered cake.

Banana puree is actually a lesser-known egg substitute, so in banana bread, eggs are optional. In addition, do I need to line the mold with baking paper and grease it too, since I will have to take the cake out of the mold in the end to make it a birthday cake?.

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