How do you make an oil-free banana cake?

Bananas are on our shopping list every week. I put them in children's meals, they're a great snack to take away for the car, but whatever I do, I always buy too many. But this never bothers me because bananas are one of the basic ingredients I use when I bake vegan desserts. I'm a plant-based vegan, married to a carnivore, with two picky kids.

I use whole, plant-based ingredients to create a delicious balance in the kitchen. My goal is to create simple and tasty main courses, salads, appetizers and the odd dessert that feels good to feed my family and that they enjoy eating. Instead, replace them with whole grains and ingredients that are good for your health, adding potassium-rich bananas for a natural sweetness. In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients and stir well to evenly mix and break up any lumps of baking soda or salt.

Whisk the liquid ingredients, pour them into the bowl and stir to form a banana bread dough. I'm definitely going to try it since it has all the healthy ingredients. I love bananas and I always make recipes with fruits. It was a little soft at first, so I was afraid it wouldn't be done, but I let it sit for a bit and I suppose it was because of the Greek yogurt that I used.

I was wondering how I would find the nutritional information in this recipe. I used different ingredients than yours, so the nutritional information published in this recipe doesn't fit my version of the recipe. They're very comparable, but it seems to me that banana cake tends to have a lighter texture and, of course, is covered with a delicious icing. To make wheat free or gluten-free banana bread, the recipe uses oatmeal or certified gluten-free oatmeal to obtain an oatmeal and banana bread.

All the fiber in bananas and whole wheat flour slightly offsets the sugar, better than the typical high-sugar white flour cake. I ended up adding three bananas, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, a couple of drops of nutmeg and a splash of plantain extract. While many traditional banana bread recipes call for at least one cup of refined sugar and half a cup of butter or more, this healthy, light banana bread recipe far reduces the things you don't want. If you have overripe bananas on the counter and you have no idea how to use them, this healthy banana bread is the perfect solution.

I have made this banana bread several times and it always comes out with a perfectly moist cake texture with just enough sweetness. If you still have bananas left over after you make the bread, try one of these other healthy banana recipes. If you're lucky, your grocery stores may sell ripe bananas at half price or give them away when they're in this state, as many people don't appreciate the value of a perfectly ripe banana. Banana bread is very simple to make, and leftovers can be sliced and frozen for an instant breakfast or snack any time you want a banana bread.

I like to mix the bananas in a food processor so that the sweetness is distributed well without banana pieces. To reduce oil without sacrificing moisture or flavor, include a cup and a half of banana puree in the bread, which also sweetens the banana bread recipe without all that extra sugar or empty calories.

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