How long does a cake take in the oven?

Baking a cake can be a fun and delicious activity, and with the right guidelines and tips, you can easily enjoy a perfectly baked cake. One of the reasons temperature is important when baking a cake is because, as the cakes are baked, they begin to set first around the edges. You should generally use a lower temperature when you bake a giant cake and a higher temperature when you bake a small cake. To adjust cake baking times to different temperatures, start by checking the minimum cake baking time indicated in the recipe.

It's a general rule that baking temperatures should be lower for larger cakes and higher for smaller cakes. If the center of the cake is still too liquid when the edges are cooked, the weight of the raw dough will cause the cake to crumble. Depending on the size and type of cake pan you use and the temperature of the oven, you'll need to bake the cake for a specific amount of time. To make sure the cake is baked correctly, use a cake tester or toothpick to check if the center is well cooked.

If the cake isn't done yet, continue baking it for 5 minute intervals until a toothpick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.

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