What is the best banana for cooking?

Bananas are a subgroup of bananas that are known as cooking bananas. They have a high starch content and are commonly used in savoury dishes. Gordon Ramsay opens a new restaurant with a 60% meatless menu. We recommend slicing Cavendish bananas into slices and using them as a dressing for oatmeal, baking them for healthy banana bread, using them as a base for good cream, or eating them directly without the peel.

Imported from Costa Rica and a favorite in Central America, red bananas are thick, hearty and short versions of Cavendish bananas, only with even more vitamin C and beta-carotene. Available all year round, red bananas are calcareous and dry when immature and underripe, and are too starchy to consume. Ripe red bananas will have a dark magenta skin, a semi-soft ivory-colored flesh and a sweet, creamy taste, almost like a berry. Because of their flavor profile, red bananas are great ingredients for baking sweet and semi-sweet recipes.

Try making this best chocolate and banana birthday cake with red bananas or this 5-ingredient sugar-free banana and berry bread. Pisang Raja bananas, popular in Indonesia, are dense and creamy and are known as “dwarf banana plants”, as they only reach eight to 10 feet when ripe (by comparison, the Cavendish can reach up to 25 feet tall). Try preparing these caramelized bananas with coconut cream, which are the perfect garnish or snack. The outside gets crispy, the inside stays tender, and they're the perfect balance between salty and sweet.

This tasty vegetable curry with plantains recipe is packed with healthy nutrients from bananas and vegetables, and these chili-coated banana chips with lime tomato sauce are ideal for parties or as an afternoon snack. You can also check out these 15 banana recipes. Donkey bananas, thick and semi-square in shape, are an acidic and acidic species with almost citrus notes. When underripe, their peels are a vibrant dark green that darkens to an intense and deep yellow tone with spots when they are ready to be eaten.

Available year-round, donkey bananas are grown in Mexico and are often available in Latin American markets. Their slightly crunchy and textured center, along with their bittersweet taste, make them good candidates for savory dishes, and they can be treated like a banana when they're not ripe (although if you want to eat it without the peel, be careful to let it ripen completely). Apple bananas, named after the French missionary Claude Letoundal from India, were introduced to the Philippines by Letoundal, and are still the most popular bananas grown there today. Aptly named, apple bananas are robust and plump and give off a distinctly acidic, apple-like scent.

When ripe, their flesh is tender and creamy, and they develop a tropical flavor the longer they mature. Available all year round, apple-type bananas are native to Central and South America and are particularly delicious in sweet tropical recipes. Replace them with Cavendish bananas in this recipe for chocolate and banana squares, or in this recipe for apple and banana breakfast tortillas, which really highlights their intense aroma. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Marie ~ I've started putting individual bananas in small freezer bags in the fridge's banana container. We recommend cutting Cavendish bananas into slices and using them as a dressing for oatmeal, baking them for healthy banana bread, using them as a base for good cream, or eating them directly without the peel. These bananas may be too ripe for your cereal, but they're just starting to do their best to make banana bread.

These bananas have a sweet and firm orange flesh that withstands a frying treatment, so they are excellent candidates for banana fritters. Instead of freezing the bananas as usual, I put them in a bowl and left them in the refrigerator, hoping that the cold temperature would retain the ripe bananas for baking soon. I've been baking bananas like the ones on the right for years, patiently waiting for the bananas to ripen and their skin to darken while sitting on the counter. They allow you to delay the ripening time by many weeks and further extract that delicious banana flavor that banana lovers want.

So if you want to make a banana bread from another world, it's important that you use the “right” bananas. .

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