Will a cake work without eggs?

You can successfully make a cake without eggs, even though they are the “backbone” of almost every cake recipe. They can also help to ferment and flavor. Still, you can make a cake without using them at all. Now that you know the purpose of eggs when preparing a cake mix, you can replace them in a smart and beneficial way, creating a perfect mix for boxed pastries without eggs.

A ¼ cup of banana puree (about half of a small banana) will replace an egg in the boxed cake mix recipe. Applesauce will add a pleasant and mild flavor to your cake, as well as providing moisture to the dough, preventing the cake from drying out while baking. Whether you're making a cake from scratch or using a boxed cake mix, any substitute mentioned above will work. Soda in one of these blends to create all kinds of successful flavors (chocolate cake mix + cola %3D Black Forest cake; white cake mix + orange soda %3D orange; etc.).

In fact, you can make a cake without eggs that tastes and texture very similar to a cake with eggs. Cupcakes have recently become popular because of their simplicity, and you don't end up with a huge cake that a single person can't consume. If you prepare a lot of pastries for a cake sale or an office social event, then boxed cakes are what you need. People with allergies cannot eat pastries made with eggs and, surely, it would be a great injustice to have walked through this world without eating pastries.

Not only will the banana help the cake brown, but it will also add a nice flavor to the mix, plus a little extra nutrition (bananas are full of potassium and vitamin C and can aid digestion). Before thinking about how to replace eggs in a cake mix, it's important to know what the purpose of eggs is (make sure you know the purpose of other cake ingredients as well).

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